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The Tramp or Hobo Clown

A happy hobo or a sad tramp Face Appearance: showing black coal or soot like appearance with white around the eyes and mouth. The male version of this character has a beard that covers a fleshtoned neck and jaw area. The up or down shape of the eyebrows will determine if this is a sad tramp of a happy hobo. Costume Appearance: Usually old and worn showing a character that has spent many nights out in the cold of traveling from [...]

The Auguste Clown

The Fool or Joker Clown Face Appearance: Fleshtones with an emphasis of the white around the mouth and eyes with a black line surrounding the white. It is also common for the auguste to overuse the reds, pinks, tans and browns for an extravagantly colourful face. This type of clown usually has a large ball shaped comedy nose. Costume Appearance: Displaying the widest range of costumes of all clowns, this clown will wear almost anything except what the whiteface is wearing. [...]

The Whiteface Clown

Commonly know as the Classic Clown Face Appearance: A full white face with precise and delicate red and white features. The european whitefaced clown even goes as far as painting his ears red. He is usually the type of clown most people have in mind when they hear the word “clown”. Costume Appearance: The whiteface usually dressed extravagantly and has a costume mostly made up of white with some colour trims. . It is common for a whiteface to wear a [...]

The Clown

There are many types of clowns in today’s society, all unique in skills and appearance and they all have a history and pecking order. The Whitefaced Clown: The dominant of all clown types yet the one that seems to cause the most trouble. This leader of the troop pays more than enough attention to his own appearance and is known to be the most skillful of all clowns. read more The Auguste Clown: This clown is the brunt of all jokes and is [...]

Choosing The Right Birthday Party Entertainer for Children Aged 4 – 8 Years Old

Engaging a good professional entertainer for your child’s birthday party is almost a sure-fire way of making the party an enjoyable and successful one. But what type of entertainer fits the bill, the most important consideration is the age of your birthday child. If he/she is between 1- 3 years old you may want to keep things simple. Children of this age are generally unpredictable and there is no cookie-cutter formula on choosing the right entertainer for children of this [...]

Kids love pony rides and cowboy parties

Why are kids so fascinated by these magnificent beasts? I know adults wouldn’t even consider riding an animal more than five times our size. My guess is that kids don’t even see the sheer size of these creatures; they see right into their hearts and connect to the souls of these animals on a level that adults could never achieve. Children want to love these animals so why not give them the chance to make a new friend? SA Trail [...]

Clowning Around – the essence of a clown

“Comedy has had no history, because it was not at first treated seriously.” – Aristotle Where does one begin to find the essence of the clown? This is a figure so well recognised by all of us and yet, what do we really know about our white-faced friends? For instance, did you know that the first week in August has been declared International Clown Week? In honour of this larger than life character, this archetypal human expression, we went digging [...]

Clown Fears – How To Prevent Clowns From Being Scary

No true clown wants to scare a child. However, some children can and do grow up with a Fear Of Clowns– the clinical name for this is coulraphobia. The question is, how can professional clowns prevent children from being scared? Before even discussing make-up, let’s look at some basics. Remember when dealing with children, all adults are “giant-sized” from their perspective. When interacting with children, clowns (or other children’s entertainers) need to come to their level physically. Get down on [...]

Why Hire A Party Clown For Your Kids Party?

Master party clowns will provide wizardly magic, performing puppets, plate twirling, face painting, juggling shows and more. Clown entertainers supply children (and adults) with a charming birthday party experience that will be remembered for years to come. A clown is commonly a fantastic option for a Birthday event, but similar anything else you do for your kids – Do some preparation! Check over references, be sure that you understand who you’re considering hiring for your Kids Party. The phrase clown historically [...]

Kids Summer Pool Parties

Hello all. Summer is here and Zimbo is more than just a little bit excited. Why? Well summer can offer some of the most exciting, fun and fantastic parties yet. It’s time to get wet, cool off a bit and use that summer heat to throw a fun filled party your child will never forget. Summer parties usually include pool parties, bubble bonanza’s and picnic tea parties. Zimbo has kindly done all the work for you and sorted everything out [...]