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Kids Foam Parties

The trend is here, and in this heat foam parties have become a favorite amongst the kids. As a follow up to last weeks article on Kids Summer Pool Parties, Zimbo is going to give you some inside tips and advice on foam parties. What is a foam party? Well its quiet simple really, its like being in a very large bath tub with all your friends. The kids get lathered up with soap-like suds shooting out of a large bubble [...]

Kids and Weddings

Kids at weddings has been a huge “no no” during the past ten years, however, the trend has shifted to let them share in your special day. To combat the problems of tiny tot boredom during the reception and to allow parents to totally enjoy your shindig here are a few suggestions to keep the young ones occupied and happy: Hire a babysitter – most hotels have a baby sitting service or a kids club and you could probably pay an [...]

Simple Clown and Simple Fun

In today’s world of kids birthday parties, a lot of weight is put on the parents to go out of their way to make their party the most impressive party of the year… but who is this really for? Believe it or not, the hype of a huge party is usually something the parent has worked their child up to. If the parent has decided that a huge amazing birthday party is the way to go then this is [...]

Clowning as a Career in South Africa

Have you ever been called ‘the class clown’ , or do you enjoy being the center of attention? We all know how hard it is to keep ahead of interest rates here in South Africa. Almost all of us need a second job to survive. Do you want a job that does not seem like HARD WORK? If entertaining kids is something you have a passion for then you might as well get paid for having fun. This is how I, [...]

Supporting Big Brother Big Sister South Africa

To follow up on last months article on Why Charity Should Be Important to Any Clown, I would like to highlight an organisation that has become a big part Zimbo the Clown’s life. Big Brother Big Sister of South Africa (BBBSSA) is an amazing loving organisation that cares for the children of South Africa. Lauren from BBBSSA approached me (Zimbo) at the beginning of the year to participate in a charity event. Not knowing what to expect I arrived at [...]

Why Charity Should Be Important to Any Clown

Have you ever had that feeling of pure joy, a feeling that you are doing something for a purpose?  Let me tell you something, there is absolutely nothing that brings me more joy than visiting kids in hospital that are not feeling the best. To walk into that room which is usually associated with hurt and sadness and see a little face light up is truly heart warming… “Are you here for me?” Very gentle I am. I tread with [...]

Understanding Clowns

Clowning is a performance art. We exist to perform. Our obligation is to prepare ourselves for effective and entertaining performances. The primary expectation of our audiences is that we will bring humor into their lives. While delivering humor we can also do many important things such as teach lessons, praise God, help heal troubled souls, and many other worthwhile things. We do these things within the context of our art form and with the understanding that our primary purpose as [...]

Kids Halloween Party Games

Halloween is only days away and I am sure your kids are all getting very excited about the event. Although Halloween has not been very popular in South Africa, the interest is growing every year. Zimbo has put together a list of great Halloween games you can play with your kids this year. The Monster Dance This is very funny to watch and even more enjoyable watching the kids silly reactions. In this game you can put on whatever music you wish [...]

Hiring The Perfect Father Christmas

Hold on now… Father Christmas is real, but in the event that you want to hire someone to help out the “real” Father Christmas then keep reading…. It is that time of year already and if you are a retailer or store owner and you have not started scouting your perfect Father Christmas then you better get cracking. Father Christmas and clowns have a lot in common so let me outline the things you need to look for when hiring [...]