Sarentini the Magician

Sarentini the Magician

Project Description

Great entertainment with a difference!

Sarentini Kids show

Sarentini relates well to audiences of any class, age or size, and with his blend of humour and mind-boggling illusions, his shows are highly entertaining and leave audience members astounded. He creates a relaxed atmosphere, generating laughter and interaction between audience members.

  • Close-up: Walking around between tables or groups of people, performing a few acts for each, creating a lighter atmosphere. Also perfect as surprise entertainment at a festival, or to attract customers to a certain stall/display stand.
  • Stand-up: For any occasion that requires the entertainer to perform in front of a group of people. Even a ground-level “stage” will do. Great introduction or “filler” for any kind of function.
  • Close-up & stand-up combination: Firstly walking around and doing some magic for various groups of people (during which the audience gets to know the magician), followed by a ±30 minute stand-up show (or visa versa).

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