Clowning as a Career in South Africa

Clowning as a Career in South Africa

Have you ever been called ‘the class clown’ , or do you enjoy being the center of attention?

We all know how hard it is to keep ahead of interest rates here in South Africa. Almost all of us need a second job to survive. Do you want a job that does not seem like HARD WORK? If entertaining kids is something you have a passion for then you might as well get paid for having fun.

This is how I, Zimbo the Clown started clowning all over Johannesburg. I took my passion and ran with it and the results have been more than rewarding. There are a few criteria s to meet, and if you treat clowning like its ‘just another job’, then you are sure to fail. Your heart needs to be motivated in order to succeed in this very in-demand job.

Why should I consider being a clown?

  • In South Africa clowning is an open market that not too many venture into. With hardly any competition this leaves a wide open gap for you to be welcomed into this fun and friendly world. Clown stick together and will help one another.
  • After the first couple laughs and smiles you will feel wonderful.
  • To be a clown their are rules and requirements, however if your heart is in the right place you can easily be trained and ready to perform in as little as a couple of weeks. However it does take a few years to perfect your skills.
  • Its a wonderful job to consider as part-time, you only have to book one or two parties per weekend.
  • When it comes to expenses, you are sure to make up the cost of your costumes, balloons and magic after as little as two jobs.
  • You may never get a ticket again after being pulled over for speeding 🙂

What does it take to become a clown?

  • It is essential that you have a passion for people, most of all a gentle nature towards children.
  • You are there to make a fool of yourself and not other people
  • You have to be tolerant and open to stares, laughs and criticism. Children will tell you exactly what they think of you so you need to take it all as a positive advise on how to improve.
  • Patience, Patience, Patience
  • It is important to keep your acts up-to-date and constantly changing. As you get popular you will start to see the same kids so you don’t want then seeing the same old tricks
  • Be open to learn new tricks, new balloon shapes, new skits. Wherever you go, always look for new ideas to add to your act.
  • Don’t be afraid to do charity work.
  • You must have a professional mindset, Clowns are professional entertainers.

What is covered in the training?

  • You will be shown how to build a clown character you will keep forever.
  • You will be trained on the clown essentials like twisting balloons, basic magic, skits and face painting.
  • You will be taught on how to interact with children and the rules and regulations involved with entertaining children.
  • If you meet all requirements you may be chosen to work alongside Zimbo the Clown or join the troop at Clowning Around.

If Clowning sounds like something you wish to do and you live in South Africa with a valid ID book, please call Zimbo the Clown on 084 597 7655 for more info. Training classes begin on 4th September 2008.

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