Kids and Weddings

Kids and Weddings

Kids at weddings has been a huge “no no” during the past ten years, however, the trend has shifted to let them share in your special day.

To combat the problems of tiny tot boredom during the reception and to allow parents to totally enjoy your shindig here are a few suggestions to keep the young ones occupied and happy:

Hire a babysitter – most hotels have a baby sitting service or a kids club and you could probably pay an extra fee to have them entertain and supervise the little ones during your reception fiesta.

Seat children together at a special “kids table”- cover the tables with butchers paper and throw crayons in the middle.

Give each child an activity pack including games and puzzles, bubbles, crayons, colouring books

Consider hiring magic makers, clowns or puppet shows.

Zimbo note: Zimbo loves Weddings – allow me to entertain those kids while you boogy down on the dance floor. Yes we may very well join you for that part, just as soon as I’ve finished my fantastic magic show. Go ahead, party the night away and good luck picking out your kid at the end because there little faces will be covered in one of my eloborate face painting masterpieces.

Serve a kids meal consisting of chicken nuggets, pizza’s, cheesy potato’s, pasta, fish fingers etc.

Give older children jobs at the reception ie. getting messages in the Guest Book, passing around favors, handing out disposable camera’s.

Have a special cinema corner set up for young ones, with comfy pillows, popcorn and juice showing tiny-tot favorites: Finding Nemo, Shrek, The Lion King etc.

It may seem like a lot of additional effort, but this day is one to remember for the rest of your life, and if having children at the wedding means you can ensure your closest friends and family can be there also, it’s well worth it!

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