Kids Halloween Party Games

Kids Halloween Party Games

Halloween is only days away and I am sure your kids are all getting very excited about the event. Although Halloween has not been very popular in South Africa, the interest is growing every year.

Zimbo has put together a list of great Halloween games you can play with your kids this year.

The Monster Dance

This is very funny to watch and even more enjoyable watching the kids silly reactions. In this game you can put on whatever music you wish (thriller works well) and have the kids do their craziest monster dance. When the music stops they must freeze where they are. Be sure to have the camera ready.

Eye Ball dash

You have all played the egg & Spoon race, well this time you switch out the eggs with some gooey eyeballs from your favorite party store. You can always make the eyeballs yourself or have the kids help you by painting some ping pong balls.

Mummy Madness

Grab the toilet rolls and divide the kids into small teams of 4-5 kids. Give each team about 4 rolls of toilet paper. Get each team to choose a “Mummy” for their team. On go, have the remaining kids in the team wrap the mummy from head to toe as quick as they can. You can have a winner for the best wrapped mummy and a winner for the quickest wrapped mummy.

Head on a platter

Split the kids into teams and get ready for this exciting relay race. Each kid must blow up a balloon, paint a face on it and then put it on a paper plate and try walk it to a designated point and back. If the balloon falls off the plate the kid then needs to start over. Once they make it all the way they need to tag the next person on their team.

Trick or Treat Boggle

If the weather is bad and you can’t go outside then this is a great indoor game. Have the kids write “Trick or Treat” on the top of their paper and then time them and see how many words each child can make using the letters in the words “Trick or Treat”.

In the tomb and Out the tomb

Put a line of masking tape on the fall and have all the kids line up on one side of the line. Tell the kids that they are currently IN THE TOMB. Then explain to them that when you say OUT THE TOMB they need to step over the line and when you say IN THE TOMB they need to step back inside. Any child that steps IN or OUT when they are not supposed to is out. You can try trick them by saying IN THE TOMB twice or visa versa.

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