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Kids love pony rides and cowboy parties

Kids love pony rides and cowboy parties


Why are kids so fascinated by these magnificent beasts? I know adults wouldn’t even consider riding an animal more than five times our size. My guess is that kids don’t even see the sheer size of these creatures; they see right into their hearts and connect to the souls of these animals on a level that adults could never achieve. Children want to love these animals so why not give them the chance to make a new friend?

SA Trail Kids offers all of this and more. Many kids dream of being cowboys or cowgirls. I don’t blame them, you know how much Zimbo loves funky hats and there is nothing cooler than beaten down cowboy hats. SA Trails Kids do it all, when it comes to cowboy theme parties then why not allow a real cowboy to show your kids how it’s done.

Your child will learn how to handle the horses using cowboy methods, a style which has proven to be gentle on horses. Your kids will be spending their day riding ponies on the range of Northern Farms and then head back to the cantina for some tarantula juice and fried rattlesnake (cold drinks and food). Every cowboy comes across dangers in the wild. At SA Trails Kids there is a petting zoo containing snakes, lizards & dragons, geckos and tarantulas. Beware, before the day is done, your kids might be lassoing the family pet or little sister.

SA Trail Kids will cater for your party or you can bring your own food and they will prepare the fire pit to do all of your cooking.

Don’t forget that Zimbo loves to be a cowboy clown so any bookings at SA Trails Kids will get R200 discount off Zimbo’s regular rate. Just be sure to tell SA Trails that you want Zimbo the Clown at your party.

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