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Kids Summer Pool Parties

Kids Summer Pool Parties

Hello all. Summer is here and Zimbo is more than just a little bit excited. Why? Well summer can offer some of the most exciting, fun and fantastic parties yet. It’s time to get wet, cool off a bit and use that summer heat to throw a fun filled party your child will never forget.

Summer parties usually include pool parties, bubble bonanza’s and picnic tea parties. Zimbo has kindly done all the work for you and sorted everything out by age, so take a look, maybe you can pick up a few ideas.

Soapy & Squishy Water Balloons

Pool parties are not just about the swimming (although this is my favourite part)

What you need: water balloons, sunlight dish liquid, a bucket

Age: 4-12

Balloon Shaving

This one is for the older kids (boys seem to love it a lot more as it can get destructive)

What you need: regular balloons, shaving cream, cheap single blade razors, poles, permanent marker

Age: 8-12

Baking Baby

This one I saved for the little ones. Beware, this will get very, very messy

What you need: very large baking trays, whipped cream, sweeties ( smarties, hundreds and thousands, candy worms, marshmallows etc.)

Age: Under 4yrs

Zimbawena Jungle Story

A great outdoor game for all ages. It is very interactive and very funny.

What you need: Lots of junk food like candy worms, marshmallows, sour worms etc… Lots of things to drink like chocolate milk, creamesoda etc… plastic cups, chairs and blindfolds

Age: All Ages

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