Supporting Big Brother Big Sister South Africa

Supporting Big Brother Big Sister South Africa

To follow up on last months article on Why Charity Should Be Important to Any Clown, I would like to highlight an organisation that has become a big part Zimbo the Clown’s life.

Big Brother Big Sister of South Africa (BBBSSA) is an amazing loving organisation that cares for the children of South Africa. Lauren from BBBSSA approached me (Zimbo) at the beginning of the year to participate in a charity event. Not knowing what to expect I arrived at the event ready to entertain the masses. To my surprise the event was very well organised and very well run. The kids were all put into neat lines without much shouting from the organisers. What this shows me is that the children have respect for the organisers and volunteers, most probably because they have formed close relationships with all the volunteers (their Big Brothers and Sisters). The impact these dedicated volunteers have on these children’s lives is something you have to experience to be amazed. Just a little bit of care and appreciation towards these kids goes a long way. BBBSSA understood the unique challenges and needs of the children and found a solution to the problem.

We know we cannot possibly look after all the children in need, but if we take it upon ourselves to look after one child, then we will change a life forever. We will be blessed with the unique opportunity to have a direct impact on a child, changing his/her life and help create wonderful memories and self-esteem that the child can use in his/her future.

Zimbo is proud to participate in yet another BBBSSA event on the 13th September 2008. Why not do your part and become a volunteer today. Visit Big Brother Big Sister South Africa and become a volunteer or add to the BBBS wishlist to help support a child who is in need of care and attention. A simple smile from one of these children will assure you that you have made the right decision.

If you would like to volunteer as a face painter or entertainer for the next BBBSSA event please contact Zimbo directly

BBBS Websites:
Big Brother Big Sister South Africa

Big Brother Big Sister International

Big Brother Big Sister Main Wesite

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