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The Clown

The Clown

There are many types of clowns in today’s society, all unique in skills and appearance and they all have a history and pecking order.

The Whitefaced Clown:

The dominant of all clown types yet the one that seems to cause the most trouble. This leader of the troop pays more than enough attention to his own appearance and is known to be the most skillful of all clowns. read more

The Auguste Clown:

This clown is the brunt of all jokes and is usually ordered around by the whiteface. He always has a hard time doing the task, leading to some funny results. His appearance is completely opposite to the whiteface and seems to have no colour coordination at all. read more


The Tramp or Hobo Clown:

The Hobo/Tramp is a character clown portraying the role of a tramp. His costume is usually tattered and torn and sewn together with many patches. The Tramp always seems to be sad and very unlucky where as the the hobo is somewhat happy and knows everything will be ok in the end. read more

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