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The Tramp or Hobo Clown

The Tramp or Hobo Clown

A happy hobo or a sad tramp

Face Appearance: showing black coal or soot like appearance with white around the eyes and mouth. The male version of this character has a beard that covers a fleshtoned neck and jaw area. The up or down shape of the eyebrows will determine if this is a sad tramp of a happy hobo.

Costume Appearance: Usually old and worn showing a character that has spent many nights out in the cold of traveling from place to place. The male character usually wears a dark suit or tuxedo with numerous patches and the female is known to represent that of a bag lady wearing well worn multiple layers of rags.

Character: The Tramp: No matter what this clown does, his luck is always bad resulting in him being miserable most of the time. This guy has had a hard life and his character makes one feel sorry for him. Being the loner that he is, he does not talk much, the odd word here and there to his peers is about all you will get out of him.
The Hobo: This happy-go-lucky king of travel clown knows who he is. He has had enough of his life and would rather settle for a simple life on the street. Also known as the vagabond, this clown is care-free and does not expect much and is mostly happy with what he has.

History of the Hobo/Tramp: This clown does not have much of a history but is usually associated with the old American railways. This includes the way they would wipe the soot from their faces to form the classic hobo look.

Famous Hobo/Tramp Characters: Charlie Chaplin’s “little tramp”, Red Skelton’s “Freddy the Freeloader”, Emmett Kelly’s “Weary Willy” and Don Burda’s “Homer”

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